Adult Jiu Jitsu

Our JIU-JITSU Program is designed for people of all ages. Jiu Jitsu, as a martial art, is truly appropriate for everyone. Whether your goals are focused on learning self-defense, fitness or competition, our program is structured to meet your training goals. There is a place for everyone in our school!

In our program, you will be shown easy to learn, fundamental positions, and self-defense techniques that will help you to build a strong foundation so you can control and subdue an aggressor or submit a sparring partner. As you progress in the program, more difficult challenges will be presented to you and more advanced techniques will be added to your foundation. Training Jiu-Jitsu at Alliance Pennsylvania will contribute your personal evolution and education, improve health, body composition, and self-esteem.

Our Jiu-Jitsu Classes will:

  • Teaches you how to protect yourself
  • Promote functional strength and overall fitness
  • Facilitate weight loss
  • Relieve stress through physical activity
  • Increase coordination, flexibility and balance
  • Provide a team atmosphere
  • Improve self-confidence

At Alliance Pennsylvania we follow the proven curriculum that has made Alliance Jiu-Jitsu the greatest team in competition history. Student learning is maximized through detailed instruction and monitored sparring for beginners so that new students can compile basic techniques to put immediately into practice. As students progress into the more advanced classes they will add more techniques to their personal library that build off the basics they learned early in training. When you come to a class at Alliance Pennsylvania you will gain a superior way to defend yourself, experience functional fitness, increase flexibility, and meet a great group of people from all walks of life looking to help you improve.